Cloth Face Mask - Creature and Character Prints

$ 15.00

The CDC is now recommending whenever we leave the house that everyone wear a mask, and cloth is the best option so we save the medical-grade (N95s) for the professionals who need them most.

These are double-layered 100% cotton with ties, which allow for greater adjustability and can be washed more than elastic, as well as being more comfortable to wear. There’s a dart at the nose and chin so they fit a variety of faces, and a pocket for a filter (1 comes included). Ties material varies depending on availability. They’ve all been pre-washed for shrinkage, and can be washed after each use (would recommend in a mesh bag).

For every paid mask, I will donate a mask to those in need. So far we have delivered masks to Nurses, First Responders, Essential Workers, and Seniors.

* Please note: these are not medical-grade masks or filters. These are for personal use, and we make no claims that these will prevent you from contracting the COVID-19 virus.

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